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6 Styles We Can’t Get Enough Of (And How To Incorporate Them Into Your Home)

If you’re planning a home renovation, chances are you have a collection of design inspiration waiting to be used. However, if you’ve collected bits and pieces from all over the place, you might be finding it difficult to settle on a style. That’s where Inscene can help. We’ll partner you up with designers, stylists, and suppliers from all over Australia, and they’ll collaborate with you to make your visions come to life. Who knew house designing online could be so easy? The Inscene team has come up with six style trends that we just can’t get enough of to give you a bit of inspiration to take into your initial consultation. As if you needed more inspiration to add to your Pinterest board, right?!

Glam Neutral Luxe

If the goal of your Inscene home designer program is to refine your home and interior style with high-quality, long-lasting materials that have a chic, timeless feel, glam neutral luxe is the style for you. It has an effortlessly sophisticated feel with a calm colour palette that appeals to many people.

  • Neutral colours. It may be no surprise to know that the glam neutral luxe style maintains a neutral colour palette. Grey, cream, charcoal, and mocha are all common base colours that are then accented by one or two calming colours like blues or pinks.
  • Pick a base material and run with it. Glam neutral luxe is very simplistic, and it’s best to pick one key metal or material to complement the natural colours. For example, gold and timber work well with warmer tones, whereas silver and marble finishes incorporate nicely with cooler tones. Stone is a great material to use across both cool and warm colour palettes.
  • Natural fibres only. The idea behind the glam neutral luxe trend is to choose quality over everything else, so natural materials are the go-to for furniture and decor. Think linen, cotton, or leather.

Modern Mediterranean

Our lives are so consumed by technology these days, which has spilled into the world of interior design in ways we didn’t expect. At Inscene, we’ve seen an increase in people creating natural, organic, technology-free spaces in which they can retreat from the world. Suppose you’d like to have a gadget-free sanctuary by the end of your home renovation in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne. In that case, you might want to ask your home decorator online about the modern Mediterranean trend.

  • Explore textures. There’s plenty of room to embrace textures of all kinds with modern Mediterranean design. Hard, soft, smooth, rough; mix it up and keep the space interesting. However, try to avoid any shiny or glossy finishes so you can better channel the organic beauty.
  • Layers, layers, layers. The earthy organic style incorporates plenty of rugs, blankets, pillows, cushions, and other creative layers. However, there’s definitely a fine line between clutter and layers, so try not to go overboard! Your Inscene online home designer will help keep you on the right track.
  • Handmade is the way to go. Whether you like to get crafty yourself or you’re a sucker for ceramics, wall hangings, and handcrafted furniture at the markets, the modern Mediterranean trend embraces all things handmade. They look right at home with the natural materials and colour palettes.

The grandmillenial style is a modern revival of warm, cosy design elements you’d likely find in your grandparent’s house. We love the creative freedom this trend offers people, and your online home designer can help you refine your design elements, so everything looks intentionally mismatched. Here are a few hallmarks of the grandmillenial style.

  • Floral wallpaper. If you’re doing a home renovation in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, don’t be afraid to use a bit of colour and flair when picking wallpaper. If you already have furniture and decor you want to integrate into the space, we’d suggest basing your wallpaper selection on these pieces. Otherwise, choose a wallpaper you adore and select the rest of your decor based on the colours and style.
  • Embrace the throw. Grandmillenial style incorporates all that is cozy and homely, and that includes big warm throw rugs. Head to your local markets and see if you can pick up a handmade crochet throw to keep on the back of the couch.
  • Gallery walls. If you’re a fan of art, then you’re going to love the grandmillenial take on the feature gallery wall. The idea is to get a ton of prints and pieces of art that somehow tie in together, whether through theme or colour and hang them all creatively on the same wall. The result is an eclectic feature piece that brings a lot of personality to the room.
Modern Industrial

The industrial trend has been around for a few years now, with many designers incorporating concrete and stainless steel into their designs. However, the trend has adapted to include more earthy elements, so we’re seeing more exposed timber and brick infused with those traditional industrial materials.

  • Matte black finishes. Black finishes tie every room together, especially when used consistently for window frames, tapware, door hardware, and lighting. It looks especially bold when paired with timber, concrete, stone, and marble.
  • Refined materials. Gone are the days where industrial interiors meant large, uniquely shaped pieces of furniture made from reclaimed materials. While we still love using reclaimed materials like stunning timber in the home, the way we use it has become more refined. You can still see the wood grain, but it’s smooth to the touch. Plus, there are a lot of sharp lines and edges throughout the home rather than fluid shapes.
  • Minimal detailing. The modern industrial style is infamous for its raw simplicity. The materials themselves are the central design feature, so anything else on top can clutter the space. Try to go easy on the knick-knacks and artwork. Choose one or two items that accentuate the materials and place them strategically.


There has been a real resurgence in warm colours and natural materials throughout the home, and the style trend that uses both beautifully is the bohemian trend. Gone are the days of tacky, sun-bleached motivational text prints and seashell adorned trinkets; this is the era of the modern beach bohemian.

  • Wicker and rattan furniture. If your home renovation in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane is paying homage to the bohemian, you can’t escape incorporating some wicker or rattan details throughout. Whether you choose large staple pieces of furniture like bed frames and sofas or go down a more subtle route with a side table and plant holders, rattan and wicker will provide plenty of warmth in the room.
  • Try for deeper, darker colours. While people often associate beachy interiors with pastel colours, the modern bohemian style uses darker hues to contrast lighter furnishings and decor. Try a navy blue, olive green, or dusty rose feature wall to really set off that rattan and wicker furniture.
  • Plenty of greenery. Now you’ve got your lighter furniture and your deep, dreamy walls; it’s time to set it all off with some indoor plants. Think parlour palms, fiddle leaf figs, and ficus plants. If you’re not a green thumb, don’t worry. Fake plants look just as good.

Modern Country

Borrowing from the French farmhouse and woodsy-cabin aesthetic, modern country interior design elements use bold colours and patterns to create warm, inviting spaces.

  • Embrace wood, brick, and stone. The modern country style pays homage to a simpler time, so natural materials are a key feature. Opt for elegant, traditional pieces that invoke nostalgia and work with the foundations of your home.
  • Experiment with reclaimed furniture. Modern country isn’t afraid to mix-match vintage or reclaimed pieces of furniture and give them a new life. Not only will you end up with a cosy, warm space to call home, but you’ll feel good about engaging decorating sustainably.
  • Let the natural light stream in. Modern country is all about keeping things as low-tech as possible, and that includes lighting! If you have plenty of natural light in your home, take advantage of it and make sure the rooms are set up to best take advantage of that. If you’d like some window privacy, invest in some curtains with floral patterns or an interesting natural texture.


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