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Bohemian Style: Exotic and Unconventional

What is Bohemian Style?

Bohemianism is all about breaking away from the societal conventions and restraints to live an artistically truthful life.  This is why the Bohemian style of interior design and architecture has no hard and fast rules.  Instead of following strict guidelines of what is and isn’t acceptable in a Bohemian home, this dynamic style embraces the unconventional and exotic to be whatever you want it to be.

Mix and Match

While the Bohemian style is hard to nail down entirely, it does follow a few basic characteristics that set it apart from other design styles.  The most notable aspect of the Bohemian style is that you typically mix and match however you like.  Whether it’s throwing together opposing colours, patterns, or textures, there’s no such thing as having too much personality.  You can pair a velvet chaise lounge with a paisley rug and bronze light fixtures—the choices are endless.

The more exotic, colourful and vintage your furnishings, the better.  Scour thrift stores for second-hand end tables, armoires, couches, and rugs.  You can also find a few interesting and historic art pieces from antique shops that will add a bit of worldliness and history to your home.  If there’s a history behind your furniture, then that’s all the better.  Just so long as you cover it in comfortable throws and pillows to add a sense of cosiness to the space.

Bohemian Architecture

Bohemian architecture is defined by a lack of structure, so think outside the floor plan.  Design the layout out however you please and don’t feel constrained by keeping everything neat and organized.  Classic forms of architecture that lend themselves to Bohemian houses are Victorian, Modernist, and some Tudor-style houses.  This is because these are made in the style of architecture that enables Bohemian living, often containing rooms such as gathering areas and libraries where you can commune with guests.

Embrace Bohemian Living

If you love the artistic freedom of the Bohemian style and you’ve got a collection of vintage pieces you’d love to hold onto, then Bohemian design might be perfect for your home. Find Bohemian décor that matches your inner artist.

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