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Coastal Hamptons and Casual Elegance Copy

When you think of the Coastal Hamptons, there’s a certain elegancy and calm that comes to mind.  The natural, light colors and serenity of marine life are hallmarks of this relaxed yet elegant style.  While it’s patterned after the popular coastal resort in Long Island, the Coastal Hamptons style is a good match for anyone in the world who loves the luxury and freshness of ocean living.

By The Sea

The Coastal Hamptons style of interior design is best captured by coastal landscapes.  This means it uses a color palette of subdued colors that match the natural colors of the beach.  Blue water, tan sand, light browns for driftwood and seafoam green are all right at home in this style.  Natural wood brown tables and cream-colored sofas can play off of each other, while decorative pillows in different shades of blue can add a bit of coziness to the space.  If you do go for strong colors, try and reserve them for seasonal accessories or other things that are easy to replace such as cushions, curtains, or blankets.

Coastal Hamptons interior design also likes to play around with an eclectic mix of old and new furniture.  Think vintage wooden end tables paired with a new unfolded sofa in linen or thick canvas covers.  In keeping with the beach theme, you can feel free to bring some nature into the house in the form of figs, palms, ferns, and other greens.  Just be sure to ditch the heavy curtains and let in plenty of natural light for the greenery.

Coastal Hamptons Architecture

The architecture of a Coastal Hamptons home is usually classic and timeless.  Dutch doors, impeccable millwork, and French windows are all staples of Coastal Hamptons architecture.  In keeping with the beach theme, a sunroom with large windows to let in natural light is a perfect addition. High vaulted ceilings with painted exposed beams create light filled spaces that welcome the outdoors in.

Get The Coastal Hamptons Style For Your Home

Coastal Hamptons is a light, bright, and airy style of interior design and architecture.  The calm serenity of this unique style can be easy to achieve with the help of Inscene’s team of interior designers and architects.  We can help walk you through common coastal colour palettes and help you find the perfect beach house elements to bring your home together in the Coastal Hamptons theme.

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