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Elevated Natural Aesthetic With Modern Country

What is Modern Country Design?

The Country design is all about wood.  Exposed beams, wood panelling, and hardwood floors are all staples of a rugged and natural Country-style space.  But if you go beyond the traditional Country design style and begin to incorporate some playful modern elements, you elevate it to something more dynamic.  The Modern Country  design style is playful and nuanced with a little bit of minimalism, adding some flair to the warmth and comfort of the classic Country style.

Where Minimalism Meets Naturalism

minimalism and modernism into traditional Country.  Neutral colours, such as whites, browns, tans, and creams are excellent base colours for the walls and furniture.  Natural hues with muted tones will give your home a modern look while still retaining the warm and welcoming feel of the Country style.


Mismatching pieces of furniture is a hallmark look of the Modern Country style.  You’ll want to avoid things that look new, and instead go for thrift store finds that are brimming with personality.  The more scrapes, bumps, or knots, the better.  The idea behind this style is that everything is designed to actually be used.  Rather than going for ostentatious statement pieces, try creating custom DIY accessories or scouring antique markets and second-hand stores for unique finds.


Modern Country Architecture

Look for ways to incorporate texture and natural elements, exposed beams, brick and timber will feel right at home, in a contemporary farmhouse. A modern home in the countryside is a beautiful statement. New homes in the great outdoors have a direct relationship to nature, with large windows inviting the outdoors in and often exterior elements used on the interior.

Modern Country Interior Design & Architecture

Modern Country is the perfect style of interior design for anyone who values the warmth and practicality of the country with the class and minimalism of Modern interior design.

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