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Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is the one in which timeless design is the most important. Why? Well, aside from the kitchen, a bathroom renovation is the most expensive outlay you can make when it comes to large-scale home improvements. In other words, it’s not something you’ll want to be doing every couple of years. So when undergoing a bathroom renovation in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, it’s important to choose classic design elements that won’t age too quickly.

If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t stress. That’s where Inscene comes in. We’ll partner you with an online bathroom interior design so you can collaborate and bring your ideas to life. They’ll guide you through a bathroom design program to establish your tastes and help you source materials and supplies to make your bathroom remodel dreams a reality. The Inscene team has come up with a few tips for designing a timeless bathroom to get you started.


When doing a bathroom renovation in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, the first thing you need to consider is your colour scheme. If you plan this step first, it will help inform all other design choices, making your job of narrowing down materials and finishes far easier. While your Inscene online bathroom designer can help you figure out the details of your colour palette, we have a few recommendations to get you started.

  • Black and white. Is there anything more classic than black and white? This is probably one of the safest palettes you can choose to create a truly timeless bathroom. If you want to add splashes of colour, you can do so with artwork and bathroom decor.
  • Mocha and ivory. If you want to incorporate warm tones throughout your bathroom remodel in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, mocha and ivory are the perfect combination for a base palette.
  • Monochrome greys. Grey has always been a popular choice for bathroom designs in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. It’s an easy colour scheme to work with, and in terms of decorating, it’s a little less bold than the art deco black and white.
Consider Space

If you’re looking to design a gorgeous bathroom, the last thing you’ll want is all your toiletries cluttering the bench space because you forgot to consider space. If you’re working with a smaller room, there are plenty of ways to create space while maintaining the overall timeless design of the room. If you’re struggling with ideas, consult with your Inscene bathroom designer online. They’ll have plenty of tips and tricks for maximising the space in your bathroom.

  • Dual-purpose mirrors. There’s room behind your mirror for a medicine cabinet. Many people shy away from the idea because the image they have of a dual-purpose mirror is the boxy, 90s style medicine cabinets that add nothing to a room design-wise. However, dual-purpose mirrors have come a long way, and people have a lot more options for the style of their dual-purpose mirrors.
  • Use the walls. The walls of your bathroom are the perfect place for hanging storage options. Whether you hang hooks or racks for towels, bathroom organisers for shampoos and soaps, or baskets for toiletries, utilise that wall space creatively!
  • Install a shelf over the door. The space above the door is the perfect spot to keep clean towels! You’ll create storage space without impacting the aesthetic of the room.
Raw Naturals

If there is one thing that will never go out of style, it’s incorporating natural elements into your designs. Bring the beauty and raw simplicity of nature into your bathroom to create something that will truly stand the test of time.

  • Untreated wood. Natural wood has a unique charm, and no two pieces will ever be precisely the same. Whether you incorporate wood shelving, cabinetry, or you have exposed beams, the inclusion of natural wood will bring a warm, earthy feel to the bathroom.
  • There are very few things that scream classic luxe in the bathroom quite like stone. From long-lasting sandstone to luxurious marble, stone vanities, tiles, and details are a fantastic, timeless choice.
  • If you love the idea of raw naturals in your bathroom, but you’d like something a bit more uniform than stone or wood, concrete is a perfect choice. It’s chic, easy to maintain, and versatile.
It’s all about the details

If you’ve got timeless foundations in the form of flooring, a vanity, and walls, you have room to add your own personal touches in the details. Try to choose options that tie the room together.

  • Try patterns. Timeless design does not give license for boring ideas! At Inscene, we believe in creating spaces that suit your unique style tastes perfectly, so try working with tile patterns that appeal to you.
  • Tile layouts. Who said your bathroom tiles had to be laid in a uniform pattern? Whether you opt for straight, offset horizontal, stacked vertical, offset vertical, or diagonal, make sure you experiment a bit before choosing a final layout.
  • Lighting. Lighting in the bathroom is so underrated! When people are creating their bathroom designs in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, they don’t stop to think about the impact good lighting can have on their overall design. If you can, take advantage of natural light. However, if you live in an apartment where natural light isn’t an option in the bathroom, weigh up whether cool lighting or warm lighting will best compliment the room.
  • Sightlines. Anyone who has dabbled in design will know the importance of sightlines. They make spaces feel airy, promote communication, and improve privacy. If there’s a direct sightline to your bathroom, try to position your toilet out of sight when renovating. Instead, install your vanity in the line of sight.
  • Careful planning. Whatever you do with your bathroom design, make sure you’ve planned it well in advance. None of your decisions should be made on a whim. Your Inscene interior designer can help you create a comprehensive plan that will keep you on track throughout your design journey.
Less is more

Now, we know you’ve been planning your bathroom reno in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane for quite some time, and we know you’ve likely got hundreds of pieces of inspiration pinned to your Pinterest board. However, it’s important not to go overboard and try to include everything.

  • Pick a few key materials. Timeless designs are typically very simple and elegant, with all the materials, colours, and details blending seamlessly together. If you’ve chosen a modern industrial look for your vanity, there’s no sense in using rustic-looking cabinetry. Keep everything as cohesive as possible.
  • Decorate sparsely. Don’t overwhelm your bathroom with knick-knacks. Instead, choose artwork, greenery, and decor carefully and make sure each piece offers something stylistically to the room.
  • Consult with your Inscene designer. If you’re finding it hard to settle on bathroom designs in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, you wouldn’t be alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to plan your renovation all by yourself. Inscene will partner you up with a designer who understands your vision and tastes, and they’ll help you find a timeless look you’ll adore.
If You’re Looking For A Bathroom Interior Designer, Choose Inscene

At Inscene, we facilitate a platform for homeowners to collaborate with a range of qualified, talented designers, stylists, and suppliers from across Australia to make their renovation vision a reality. We understand that the choice to transform your space is deeply personal, so we provide opportunities for design collaboration. With no complicated fee structures or hidden costs, Inscene is an easy to use, clear, and interactive platform where clients and industry experts can work together to build a customised interior design package. Whether you’re planning a bathroom renovation in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, if you’re looking to collaborate with a bathroom interior designer, try Inscene today.


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