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Glam: A Stylish Statement

What is Glam Design?

There are several styles of interior design that radiate glamor, from the opulence of Hollywood regency to the flair of Art Deco.  But the Glam style is unique in its perfect balance of both glamor and functionality.  It proves that just because something is ornate and extravagant doesn’t mean it can’t have a practical function behind it.  So if you’re looking to go from bland to glam, check out this opulent style of interior design.


Flair With A Purpose

The Glam style is unafraid to be bold.  Gold accents on the furniture, lampshades made from polished metallic, and glamorous statement pieces are all ways to add luxury to the space without being too overpowering.  Polished surfaces are a staple of this interior design style, such as marble countertops with gold fixtures to complement each other.  Mixed metals are great for lighting fixtures, furniture, and art pieces, as they radiate flair.

The colon palette of Glam interior design usually consists of light colours such as white, grey, cream, and soft pinks.  However, you can also do Glam in darker colours such as black, which will contrast nicely with metal or gold accents.  Black bathroom walls against gold faucets and towel holders will give the place a dark and moody look that evokes a different kind of glamour.

Like Art Deco and Hollywood Regency, patterns are a must.  Bold prints, damask, and geometric designs are an excellent choice for wallpaper or floor tiles.  You can also populate the room with classically shaped sofas and chairs that are elevated by velvet upholstery or acrylic legs.  Don’t forget to include plenty of pillows and throws to add a bit of pampering to the mix.

Glam Architecture

Glam architecture makes excellent use of lighting, with statement chandeliers or under-cabinet lights that give the space a romantic atmosphere.  Floor to ceiling windows and drapes are another way to make the architecture match the Glam, and it has the added benefit of making the room seem taller than it is.


Go Glam

No matter what your budget, Inscene can help you adopt a Glam design style for your home.  Let us work with you to find the perfect design to give you the Glam style you’re looking for!

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