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The Golden Age of Hollywood

Hollywood Regency and Opulence

If the opulence and glamor of old Hollywood were to be bottled in one style of interior design, it would be Hollywood Regency.  This unique spin on Art Deco was incredibly popular from the 1940s to the 60s, but its high-polished glamor is truly timeless.  It has patterns and colours that brim with the opulence of Art Deco but has furniture that is grounded by Mid-Century clean lines and silhouettes.  If opulence is your aim, you can’t go wrong with Hollywood Regency.

The Golden Age of Hollywood

This interior design style is intended to evoke the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1930s.  To that end, you’ll find richly layered textures, vibrant colours, and metallic finishes that radiate opulence.  It’s common to see walls painted in bold colours or decorated with patterned wallpaper.  However, it’s important to stick to the same colour palette and only one or two patterns to avoid making the space feel cluttered.

Black and white is a popular colour combination, but pops of colour are encouraged.  Consider black and white tile floors for the bathroom with a bold forest green for the walls.  Metallics such as brass are popular choices for lighting fixtures and art pieces, so sprinkle these throughout the home to give it an extra infusion of glamor.  Furniture should be small-scale, but you can incorporate luxurious fabric and textiles such as velvet or silk into the drapes or furnishings.

Hollywood Regency Architecture

Hollywood Regency is all about shine and gloss, so lacquered wall panelling and trim is a common element of the architecture.  A curving staircase would never be out of place in a Hollywood Regency home, while Doric columns can add a theatrical flair.  Mirrored walls and oval windows are two ways that Hollywood Regency architecture can make the space seem larger, lighter, and more opulent.

Get The Look

Hollywood Regency is a timeless design that’s both modern and upbeat.  If you want your home to pop with old Hollywood, then let Inscene handle your interior design. Let us work with you to find the perfect design to give you the Hollywood glam you’re looking for!

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