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How to Design a Beautiful Kitchen

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you start you day with a cup of coffee, cook your favorite meals, entertain loved ones, and end the day with family dinners. Kitchens are a bit on the harder side to design because they have to meet many needs. They need to be functional, attractive, multi-purpose, and affordable! That being said, you can make designing a beautiful AND functional kitchen easy by taking just a little bit of good interior design advice.

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What Makes a Beautiful Kitchen?

When you’re designing your kitchen, make sure to keep in mind that the choices you make are going to be semi-permanent and not just in the physical sense, memories are made in kitchens. This means that, you should follow your heart and make choices that truly resonate with you – choices that are timeless.

We’re going to give you some great advice for designing beautiful kitchens that are also functional and will look incredible for years to come.

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An Island of Refuge

Kitchen islands have come and gone with the years, but they can be so versatile! This makes them a great addition to any beautiful kitchen. A beautiful kitchen island has enough space to seat a few people for quick meals, but also allow you to transform it into a workspace, if needed.

Many people think that their kitchen isn’t large enough for an island. If designed with versatility in mind, an island can fit nicely into any home!

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Bright and Breezy or Dark and Moody

An easy way to design a beautiful and timeless kitchen is to stick with earthy pallets. Think light greys, sage greens, timbers, whites and other muted tones. If you have natural lighting in your kitchen, light colours will really make your kitchen feel like it’s drenched in sunlight! And if you don’t have a ton of natural lighting available to you, light colours will give your kitchen the sense of sunlight an airiness that it might be missing.

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A dark kitchen, such as navy and black on the other hand adds a sense of sophisticated richness and depth into a room. When done well, a dark kitchen can be a stunning additional to any home. If a dark kitchen is your vibe, I would recommend seeking design advice as they require more skill in pulling them off correctly. Pops of light timber, such as oak flooring always looks gorgeous against dark cabinetry, as it allows the cabinetry to stand on it own.

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If you are the kind of person that likes a pop of colour in your beautiful kitchen, you can add colour in the hardware, kitchen accessories (towels, rugs, cookware, etc.) and easily swap those items out when your preferences change.


Storage, Storage, Storage

There might not be a single person who has ever said that their kitchen has too much storage. If you’re redesigning your kitchen cabinets, it’s time for you to go custom and have your kitchen fitted with wall to wall or floor to ceiling cabinets. The look is modern and seamless, and you no longer have to worry about crowded cabinets, countertops, or tables – there will be a place for everything!

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Looking for More Kitchen Design Advice?

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