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Metal, Wood, and the Industrial Style Copy

When you think of Industrial interior design, you often conjure up images of sprawling downtown lofts with exposed brick walls and metal beams.  But while this style definitely lends itself to city dwelling, the truth is you can adopt the Industrial style in anything from a farmhouse to a home in the suburbs.  The key elements of Industrial interior design also pair well with other design styles, so if you’re looking to add a twist to Scandinavian or another aesthetic, you can steal a few of these Industrial looks.

Warehouse and Factory Vibes

The Industrial interior design style is notable for being reminiscent of a warehouse or factory, which means plenty of metal and wide open spaces.  Rustic wood and exposed metal go well together when it comes to Industrial furniture, so tables with wooden tops and metal legs will fit right in.  Antique pieces are another great find for the Industrial style, so hit up your local thrift store or antique shop to find vintage armoires and nightstands.

The colour palette is almost entirely metallic, so try and stick mostly with silver, grey, and gold for the walls and furniture.  You can incorporate a few darker colours like brown or dark greens, but stay away from anything bold or bright.  If you’re looking to add a little warmth to the space, then distressed leather or timber is the way to go.  A distressed leather sofa or armchair can make the sparseness of an Industrial home feel cosy rather than cold.

Industrial Architecture

The architecture of the Industrial style is the most well-known aspect of this design.  Exposed metal beams, pipes, and ducts are common to give the space a real factory vibe.  Exposed brick walls are another common feature of Industrial architecture that give it an unfinished look in line with the factory style.  Lastly, an open layout is key to get the warehouse look, which is part of the reason why the Industrial style works best with larger apartments or houses.

Get The Industrial Look

Renovating your home with an Industrial look takes a certain amount of finesse. It takes a lot of planning and foresight to achieve the right balance of cold and warm. At Inscene, we can walk you through the different interior design and architecture elements to help turn your space into an Industrial haven.

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