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The Timelessness Of Mid-Century Modern

What is Mid-Century Design

Mid-century interior design may be one of the most well-known and commonly embraced interior design styles of all time.  Taken from the architectural and artistic era of the 1930s to 1960s, the Mid-century style was a reaction against the opulence and formulance of the 1800s.  Favoring affordable practicality and inspired by Scandinavian design styles, Mid-century modern interiors are rich, diverse, and functional.

Form Follows Function

Mid-century modern interior design is visually light and embraces function over form.  You won’t have unnecessary frills in a Mid-century home, as every piece is designed to take up the least amount of space.  Kitchens usually come with clean lines and door cabinets with simple pulls.  A kitchen island with slim bar stools will also give the kitchen a retro vibe befitting the Mid-century style.

There are countless retro colors to choose from that will fit into the Mid-century style, from pastels to mustardy yellows.  However, you can never go wrong with neutrals, as they will remain timeless.  You can also add a few vintage furniture pieces such as Marshmallow sofas or Egg chairs.  Try playing with opposites as well, such as pairing low-lying furniture with an arch floor lamp.  This will give your interior design multiple layers that add depth and dimension to your home.


Mid-Century Architecture

Mid-century modern houses are often designed with flat roofs and large rectangular windows.  Mid-century architecture usually incorporates reinforced concrete and steel in the foundation of the home, while the floor plan is often open and flowing from one room to the next.  You can also open the space up to the outdoors with sliding doors and glass panes that allow in natural light.  Large windows with minimal furnishings are another common choice in Mid-century architecture.



Get The Mid-Century Look

If you’re interested in the Mid-century design, Inscene can help you get started.  Our team of interior designers and architects will work with you every step of the way as you incorporate this design style into your home.

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