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Modern Mediterranean and Textured Walls

The Mediterranean interior design look was all the rage in the early 2000s – think earth-tones on walls, dark accents, and natural materials like wood and iron. In recent years, we saw trends shift from dark and cozy to stark and modern – open floor planned homes where everything is white and grey, with perhaps a hint of black and silver.

Today, we’re seeing a revival of the Mediterranean look, but this time it’s combined with the modern trends of the 20-teens. Interior designers are appropriately calling it “Modern Mediterranean.”

COVID-19 has made it so that we are spending more time at home than ever. It seems as though people’s preferences are shifting from enjoying an ultra-modern aesthetic to desiring a home that feels cozy and connected. That’s exactly what the Modern Mediterranean look is doing, and designers are really upping the ante this time around with textured walls.

Photo Source: Mineral Fox

An Earthly Connection

Nature has a way of making us feel more connected to ourselves, each other, and all of the things that are greater than we are. During these times when we’re spending more time inside than ever, it just makes sense that people are craving this connection to nature inside their homes – especially those who live in a big city and can’t easily access a foot to earth connection.

The Modern Mediterranean style bring elements of the outdoors within by implementing earthy tones, natural materials, and plenty of texture.

One very unique element that we’re seeing in the Modern Mediterranean style is textured walls. Textured walls give off a warmth that looks similar to the baked Mediterranean earth – a huge contrast to the clean-edged look that has been popular for many years.

Photo Source Mineral Fox

How to Get Textured Walls in Your Home

If you’re looking to redesign your home to have a more natural feel, textured walls are the way to go! There are a few different techniques that you can use to obtain this interior design trend:

Limewash – Limewash is a type of paint that incorporates limestone dust. When it is painted onto the walls, it creates a surface that is lightly textured matte. You may find that it has the texture of suede or worn leather when it dries.

Venetian Plaster – You can achieve a wonderfully textured look by using a slaked lime plaster that has been pigmented, otherwise known as Venetian plater. When applied to walls in a thin layer, you will see a softly textured wall that has a natural movement almost the way that marble does.

Tadelakt – This type of textured wall is perfect for areas that usually get wet, like the bathroom or kitchen. Tadelakt is a waterproof lime plaster that is traditionally used in Moroccan architecture. It can be used on any surface – walls, floor, benches, countertops – and can be seamlessly applied around curved corners.

Photo Source: Benoit Viaene

Get the Modern Mediterranean Look with Inscene’s Help

If textured walls and the Modern Mediterranean look sounds like something that you want to achieve, but you aren’t sure where to begin, let Inscene help! Our team of virtual interior designers will guide you through the process of redesigning your home room by room based on your personal tastes, schedule, and budget.