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Let Natural Beauty Shine With Rustic Design

What is Rustic Design?

The rugged beauty of rural communities is something that carries a charm all of its own.  Based on the 19th century pioneers who set off to build communities of their own away from cities, the Rustic design is notable for using local materials.  Natural elements such as wood, stone, and leaves are common in a Rustic home, as the imperfections of these organic materials are what give them their character.


Rustic and Rugged

Rustic interior design is inspired from both the outdoors as well as farmhouse and industrial interior design styles.  Instead of going for perfect lines or finishes, the Rustic style embraces natural and weathered finishes.  Natural materials such as raw wood, stone, or leather will often have imperfections, knots, or blemishes that imbue the home with warmth and comfort.

The main colors in Rustic interior design are wood grains or browns, beiges, and warm shades of white.  You can include accent colors such as muted tans, greens, blues, and yellows in art pieces or furniture.  Metal pieces such as iron, pewter, copper, or brass are common for light fixtures and furniture.  Furs are common and popular in a Rustic design, whether real or faux.  You’ll also find cozy furnishings such as layered rugs or woven blankets you can curl up with in front of a wood-burning brick fireplace.


Rustic Architecture

Iron accents and hardwood floors are common choices for the architecture in a Rustic home.  You’ll also see exposed wood beams or wood panelled walls in a Rustic home, as wood is a very common element in the Rustic architecture.  Brick is another common element, as many Rustic homes have brick fireplaces or brick exteriors that lend a cabin-like quality to the space.


Embrace Rustic Design

If the simplicity of rural life is intriguing to you, then a Rustic design might be right up your alley.  If you’re interested in the appeal of natural materials and the earthiness of this design style, rustic may be for you.

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