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Scandinavian: Simple, Functional, Cosy

What is Scandinavian Design?

Nordic countries are well-known for interior and exterior design that is simple, minimalist, and functional.  In contrast to the opulence of Art Deco or the laid-back beachside glam of the Coastal design, the Scandinavian interior design style is all about restraint.  This minimalistic style uses a blend of textures and soft hues to create a look that’s sleek and modern.  However, Scandinavian interior design also embraces functionality and warmth, giving you a space that is as cozy as it is practical.

Simple and Serene

Minimalist colour palettes with high contrasts are a staple of Scandinavian interior design.  Lights and darks will play off of each other to create a dramatic statement without overwhelming you with colour.  There is still room to play around with colour, but this is often done with minimalist decorative accents.  Think muted tones of sage or taupe for furnishings and art pieces.


Furniture should be kept simple and functional, but you can incorporate shapes to make the space feel more organic.  Modern furniture such as Tulip tables and swan chairs made with blonde-wood accents or cognac leather tones are common.  Keep things cosy by placing fireplaces in the corner of a room with the seating arrangement laid out accordingly.  You can also layer bedding with sheets, blankets, and accent pillows in muted hues to add to the cosiness.


Scandinavian Architecture

Because Nordic countries have a unique relationship with light and dark, Scandinavian designs will often play with natural light in a fun way.  You may find tall open windows and other minimalist architecture that makes copious use of natural light in the main rooms.  Scandinavian architecture is also about merging with the surrounding environment, so it’s common to see wood and other natural materials integrated into the interior and exterior of the home.  A home with a Scandinavian design will feature simple architecture that blends into the surrounding lands instead of trying to stand out.



Nailing a Scandinavian look requires an eye for simplicity and comfort.  If you’re interested in the sleek and cosy appeal of this interior design style, then let Inscene take the reins.  Our team of architects and interior designers can help you design your home in the Scandinavian style based on your unique needs and budget.

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