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Traditional Design Style

Traditional: Symmetry and Timelessness

No matter which interior design style you choose, chances are that design was rooted in the Traditional style.  This classic and comforting style of interior design evokes familiarity and nostalgia without tying itself to any specific time period.  If you want an interior design style that will fit in anywhere in the world, then Traditional is an excellent choice that never goes out of fashion.

A Timeless Classic

The Traditional interior design style incorporates furniture, decor, and art rooted in European design from the 18th and 19th centuries.  Rooms will usually be set up to be both functional and comfortable, with a heavy focus on symmetry.  You’ll often find pairs of furniture and objects such as sofa chairs or lamps, giving you a balanced look without opposition or contrast.


Traditional colour palettes will use subtle neutrals such as tans and creams while using muted colour sparingly.  You might find an art piece with a splash of chartreuse or throw pillows with deep blues adorning the couch.  Walls are usually painted in neutral colours, but patterned wallpaper in traditional motifs such as floral or stripes are also common in the Traditional style.


The Traditional style also lends itself to customization, as you can feel free to mix in some non-traditional elements to make the space your own.  If you’ve got a custom art piece that you couldn’t possibly part with or an end table that carries sentimental value, you can easily fit these elements in without throwing off the overall look.


Traditional Architecture

Traditional architecture usually involves traditional elements such as crown moulding or wainscoting. Cypress panels are an excellent choice to line the walls, as well as white or grey-painted panels. You’ll also find darker wood finishes such as wenge and walnut on floors and furniture. Other Traditional architecture elements include fireplaces made of natural stone, coffered ceilings or sometimes ceiling beams cut from natural wood.



Achieve a traditional look with Inscene

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