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Urban Modern Design Style

Urban Modern and Cosmopolitan Living

While the style of interior design you choose is entirely up to you and your personal tastes, certain styles lend themselves to location.  If you’re living in a loft in the city, then chances are you’ll be interested in something contemporary or industrial that pairs well with city life.  But if you’re looking for something softer than industrial and a bit edgier than contemporary, the Urban Modern style offers you a welcome alternative.

Blending Three Distinct Styles

No interior design style exemplifies the cosmopolitan lifestyle quite as much as Urban Modern.  This inspiring and timeless style incorporates contemporary, modern, and industrial designs to offer you something edgy and glamorous.  Urban Modern keeps the style and minimalism of these interior design styles while adding a little bit more comfort and welcome to your home.

Urban Modern is notable for fusing together opposing but complementary design elements.  It’s common to see mixes of oversized art pieces alongside groupings of smaller items that play off of each other.  Instead of going for large swaths of colour, you’ll often see a common colour like grey or blue subtly displayed throughout the room with small splashes of louder colours scattered throughout.

Urban Modern Architecture & Interior Design

The architecture of Urban Modern is in line with industrial and contemporary interior design styles.  For example, you’ll often see steel or iron indoors as well as oversized windows with minimalist furnishings.  Wood and stone elements is an excellent foundation for Urban Modern design, although you’ll pair this architecture with comfortable furnishings to make the space softer and more comfortable.

In contrast with the minimalist architecture, statement pieces are a necessity for all of your rooms.  It could be the staircase, entrance way, bold furnishings in another, or even a unique lighting design.  It doesn’t have to be loud or eccentric per se, but must be unique enough to make a statement.

Get the Urban Modern Look with Inscene’s Help

Urban Modern is the perfect interior design style for anyone who is drawn to industrial or contemporary but looking for something a little softer.  If you’re interested in the Urban Modern design, Inscene can help you get started.  Our team of interior designers and architects will work with you every step of the way as you incorporate this design style into your home.

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