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What is Transitional Design?

Transitional interior design and architecture is all about using traditional forms and materials in new ways.

If you are someone who follows interior design and architectural trends you most likely have heard of the word Transitional but maybe wondered what is Transitional design exactly? In summary it is the use of traditional forms, materials and concepts, whilst also incorporating modern and contemporary design.

Playful Contradictions

Traditional and Transitional interior design are quite similar styles, but there are a few key elements that make Transitional interior design stand on its own.  Transitional interior design incorporates elements from Modern interior design to elevate the classics into the modern world.  It offers you the perfect balance of old and new, luxury and comfort, form and function.

A Transitional home will have comfortable, functional furnishings with minimal accessories.  Any accessories should create visual interest but also serve a purpose.  An area rug, decorative pillow, or even a metallic light fixture or piece of sculptural art will fit right in to a Transitional home.  Transitional interior design relies on texture and tone to create contrast.  You’ll often find suede, chenille, or leather fabrics as well as wooden or glass elements in the furniture.  The contrasting textures will activate the space and give it a distinct look.

The Transitional style will also rely mostly on neutral colour palettes such as grey or cream.  However, little pops of colour here and there with furnishings or art pieces are more than welcome.  You can also use pops of colour through the use of metals such as brushed brass or gold.

Transitional Architecture

Transitional interior design and architecture is all about using traditional forms and materials in new ways.  Examples of Transitional architecture include homes built with traditional neoclassical elements like columns combined with modern windows that enhance the architecture.  Transitional architecture also incorporates neutral tonal colours and natural materials such as wood, brick, or stone.

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